a cluttered mind’s reprieve

someone that used to play a pivotal role in my life suggested that i start this. you know who you are. it was an idea that i have considered before, but like most things, brushed off merely for the fact that i am my own worst enemy. however brilliant i am, i lack the confidence to follow through on the things that flow through my head.

(declaring my own brilliance is not an act of arrogance, but rather, an admission of how similar i am to my father. i am, in essence, an apple fallen not far from the tree. i may not be as tortured as him, but that spectrum makes no difference when you are clawing against and fighting those personal demons.)

i digress. this is my attempt to find some way, any way, to put my thoughts down because facebook is too socially repressive, and i think that my husband is tired of being an unpaid therapist.


i am a writer


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