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the things that own us.

‘Tis the season for gluttony and overabundance.

I am as guilty as the next person during the holiday season for overspending and buying crap that we don’t need. Unfortunately, this tendency has passed onto my kids. Leading up to the holiday season, I have not once heard what presents they would like to get other people. Not once have I been asked for money to get something for a family member or friend. Not once, until I informed them that they would get into the giving season.

How did I manage to raise ungrateful children? I mean, they have their basic manners and everything, but when did I forget to instill a sense of thoughtfulness for other people?

I have never been anywhere near a perfect parent, but I feel really disappointed in myself for this.

I just found that there is a campaign to create Giving Tuesday, a day of charitable actions to follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why has this not been advertised in a more aggressive manner?

I live in a country that is known for its gluttony. We buy new cell phones each year. Our inability to make do with the old is clear after one visit to a local thrift shop. The amount of waste that we produce is unreal. So, how do we find a sense of humbleness and modesty in a world of abundance? How do we live a full life while still embracing a little reserve?

More importantly, how do we correct a generation of children that are only concerned with what the world is giving to them?

While I want my children to have nice things, to not know the struggle of living poor, I refuse to raise kids that do not understand the concept behind the giving season. I will not contribute to a generation of selfish humans.

How do I find the balance?

I challenge anyone who reads this to nurture a giving spirit in someone of a younger generation. This world is cold enough without a new line that only thinks about what they want without considering others. We cannot fix the problems in this world without people who have an innate and natural sense of helping others. Whether you simply “RAK” it, or you donate to a reputable charity, do something.

Personally, I a going to make #GivingTuesday into a new family event. We will donate old clothes and toys, and maybe even get a few things for Toys For Tots. I will also consider minimizing the amount of toys that the kids get this year, and opt for them to earn money to buy/create gifts for others.