a single dream

this Tolkien quote probably means more to me than most, not because i am an avid and overly-enthused fan, but simply because my dreams tend to have such a powerful effect on my life. i am one of those people that will randomly discuss my dreams with strangers when they were just asking how i am on this fine afternoon. i talk about my nightly dreams nearly every day, and i think this is how my husband first discovered just how crazy i am.

it’s not the fact that i have dreams that drives me to this topic of conversation. it is the way that i am dragged into unrecognizable worlds, and how the atmosphere of those dreams often plagues me for days afterward. it is that these dreams create a craving for writing that is so intense, i really have no idea what to do with myself.

normal people

maybe the outlandish dreams that i have are totally normal. it is completely possible that my suspicion of abnormality it just an exaggeration of my mind.

this being said, don’t  be surprised when this blog becomes a play by play of the weird worlds i enter each night.

slightly strange


a cluttered mind’s reprieve

someone that used to play a pivotal role in my life suggested that i start this. you know who you are. it was an idea that i have considered before, but like most things, brushed off merely for the fact that i am my own worst enemy. however brilliant i am, i lack the confidence to follow through on the things that flow through my head.

(declaring my own brilliance is not an act of arrogance, but rather, an admission of how similar i am to my father. i am, in essence, an apple fallen not far from the tree. i may not be as tortured as him, but that spectrum makes no difference when you are clawing against and fighting those personal demons.)

i digress. this is my attempt to find some way, any way, to put my thoughts down because facebook is too socially repressive, and i think that my husband is tired of being an unpaid therapist.


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