An Incredibly Long Time

Nearly two and a half years. What have I accomplished?

I finished school and obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Management, only to find that businesses will not hire you if you’ve been a homemaker for the last 8 years.

It turns out that “chasing tiny humans” does not qualify one to stand behind a register or make overpriced coffee-related beverages.

Bummer. I wonder if Navient will understand. Maybe I can delay the payments on my soul?

We’ve moved to a whole new city and state.

Hello KCMO! The Merchant Family has arrived! We bring polite kids and timeliness as an offering to accept us as your own.

Joking aside, the move happened seamlessly aside from the fact that I now have to awkwardly attempt at making new mom friends.

I miss my bitches. :Le sigh:

The coffee cup is literally too legit.


I’ve written about 20k more words to the story titled “Adelaide’s Verse.” Rejection from jobs and full-ride scholarships can have that affect on a person. What’s my end goal? To finish writing a manuscript without wanting to throw it in the trash afterwards. While visiting family here in KC, a cousin mentioned his love for the first manuscript I ever worked on, the aforementioned garbage.

What a shocker.

So, now I am writing nearly every day. This is often accompanied by trying to make new online friends because making them in real life is nearly impossible when you have social anxiety and children. Who knew?



One thought on “An Incredibly Long Time”

  1. I completely feel you on the awkwardness of making new mom friends. I crack jokes when I’m nervous and anxious, and it doesn’t go over well a lot of the time (shocking, I know). It’s tough meeting new people you like, and when you do, then you have to figure out how you get then into your life more in a way that friendship unfolds naturally? Lol.


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